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Since 2017, we have raised nearly $43,000 to support the TTTS Foundation – a truly remarkable achievement! We are so grateful for your support, donations, time and, most importantly, love.

Our Story

Hi there. My name is Andrea, and I'd like to welcome you to our website.


In March of 2017, I was diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (also known as TTTS). TTTS is a condition in which the blood flows unequally between twins that share a placenta (monochorionic twins). Without intervention, TTTS can be fatal for both babies. TTTS is very uncommon, and occurs in about 10 to 15 percent of monochorionic, diamniotic (two amniotic sacs) twins. Every mother of twins sharing a placenta should be aware of the possibility of TTTS because they need to be followed more closely during the pregnancy. 

TTTS can cause a host of problems, such as preterm labor, heart and respiratory failure and other birth defects. On April 17, 2017, we prematurely gave birth to two beautiful twin girls, Ava Rose and Emma Linn. Sadly, they both passed away a few hours later due to complications from TTTS, and our lives would never be the same.

We then got in touch with the TTTS Foundation, a wonderful, life-saving organization that offers support, resources and often financial assistance for families in need. We were so grateful to know we weren't alone in this fight.

As proud Melrose, MA residents, my husband Michael and I want nothing more than to keep our daughters’ memory alive and to make a difference in our community by helping to spread awareness of TTTS and offer support to those struggling with this disease. There are over 40 diagnoses of TTTS every month; many families don’t even know where to start when they learn they have this condition. With your support, we can help make a difference in the lives of families who are carrying twins and higher multiples.


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